Building confidence

By Andrew on 14th October 2023 — 1 min read

For me, supporting team collaboration is all about confidence building. Confidence in new ways of working. Confidence that we’re heading in the right direction.

Teams need a safe and positive space to explore and to try things. To sketch out half-thought-through ideas and have the team around them fill in the details. The type of confidence that unlocks creativity, motivation and performance.

I’m particularly interested in what [introverted]( folks need to feel this. Not because I’m introverted, but because introverted folks are often the most talented around us. The people who listen effectively, who work hard, show up prepared and whose voices should be amplified.

I help by being sure to share relevant materials in advance of any collaboration sessions, and by encouraging equal participation. The key thing seems to be to bring awareness to the quiet (or even silent) voices, not just the noisy ones, as you engage and involve a wider stakeholder community in the work.

What do you do to help build confidence in those around you?

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