The duty to be interesting

By Andrew on 26th August 2017 — 1 min read

Some people have irritating ways of talking. They do that thing where their voice raises up at the end of every sentence. Others annoy us by speaking in monotone. They might do any number of these things.

Allowing your voice to be irritating is lazy. If we are taking the trouble to say something to others – let’s be respectful enough to lay things out in an entertaining or at least a pleasant manner. That includes adding a little music to the way we speak. Some variety. It makes us sound like we care about what we’re saying!

Same goes for when we write something online. If it’s all the same tone and pace, or if there’s a repetitive habit in there… then Yaaawwnn! It just feels rude.

I don’t mind working hard to wrestle through difficult ideas or a long word-count. As long as it’s got some dynamics.

I do mind being asked to figure out if there is useful content hidden in amongst dreary style. (Unless of course, there’s gold to be found!)

It all points to a need to stretch the digital form which can also get monotonous and dreary. Though there are times to be a boring designer, we also have a duty to be interesting.

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